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Safeguarding & Social Media Policies

Red Rose Land Rover Club Limited recognises that many children and young people today are fully engaged in a fast-moving and ever-changing technologically advanced world. Most children have access to computers and smartphones either in school and/or at home. In addition, the increasing use of smartphone technology with access to the mobile internet means that there are few restrictions on when and where children have access to social media sites. Red Rose Land Rover Club Limited is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people who engage with our club on any social media sites and as a result we have adopted the Social Media policy developed by Motorsport UK to support us in this commitment.

The club takes a zero tolerance approach.  A breach of the expected standards of the clubs policies will result in verbal warning, written warning and suspension from the club.

If necessary, you can contact the club safeguarding officer Andrea Gray by emailing "safeguarding @ land rover"

Social Media Policy

Our Policy

The full social media policy for MSUK member clubs can be found here and includes a statement on the responsibility of Motorsport UK’s Communication Manager, the target age for these policies in line with government guidance that children under that age of 13 years old are not permitted to join social networking sites and further details for staying safe online, including resources from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre. The full policy also includes a comprehensive list of Do’s and Don’ts for Parents and Carers, Staff and Volunteers and children/young people under the age of 18. The final section of the policy also includes details regarding youth produced sexual imagery or “sexting” as it sometimes referred to.

Safeguarding Policy

Red Rose Land Rover Club Limited is committed to Safeguarding children in line with national legislation and relevant national and local guidelines.

We will safeguard children by ensuring that our activities are delivered in a way which keeps all children safe.

Red Rose Land Rover Club Limited is committed to creating a culture of zero-tolerance of harm to children which necessitates: the recognition of children who may be at risk and the circumstances which may increase risk; knowing how child abuse, exploitation or neglect manifests itself; and being willing to report safeguarding concerns.

This extends to recognising and reporting harm experienced anywhere, including within our activities, within other organised community or voluntary activities, in the community, in the person’s own home and in any care setting.

Red Rose Land Rover Club Limited is committed to best safeguarding practice and to uphold the rights of all children to live a life free from harm from abuse, exploitation and neglect.

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