An online club shop, along with pictures is coming soon.

In the interim, please contact Gareth McKeown if you wish to purchase any of the below.


Route Cards

Green lane route cards                                                           £5.00 per set


RRLRC Stickers

Teaam Red Rose Sticker White                                             £1.50

Team Red Rose Sticker Clear                                                £1.50

Red Rose Land Rover Club Interior Sticker                       £1.50

Red Rose Land Rover Club Exterior Sticker                       £1.50

Website Windscreen Sticker Large                                        £2.00

(available in black, silver, red, yellow & orange)

Website Windscreen Sticker Small                                        £1.50

(available in black, silver, red, yellow & orange)

RRLRC Interior Window Sticker                                        £0.75

Lancashire Rose Sticker                                                        £1.50



Land Rover Logo Sticker Large                                             £0.70

Land Rover Logo Sticker Medium                                        £0.50

Land Rover Logo Sticker Small                                             £0.40

Land Rover Logo Sticker Xtra Small                                    £0.30

My Other Vehicle is Sticker                                                    £0.50

I Heart My Ninety Sticker                                                       £0.50

Range Rover Owners Do It In Style                                       £0.20

Range Rover Owners Green Wellies Sticker                        £0.20



2kg AFFF Fire Extinguisher & Bracket                                £20.00

Fire Extinguisher Sticker                                                        £0.50

First Aid Sticker                                                                        £0.50


Recovery & Protection

3.25t Shackle                                                                          £4.00

4.75t Shackle                                                                          £6.00

Differential Guard for Def, D1 & RRC                              £23.00

Winch Gloves                                                                         £8.50

Kinetic Rope 9m                                                                    £45.00

5m Recovery Tree Strop                                                       £27.00


RRLRC Clothing & Merchandise

Embroidered Club Logo T-Shirt                                              £10.00

Embroidered Club Logo Polo Shirt                                        £16.00

Embroidered Club Logo Hoodie                                             £20.00

Embroidered Club Logo Rugby Top                                       £25.00

Embroidered Club Logo Kids T-Shirt                                     £8.00

Embroidered Club Logo Kids Hoodie                                    £15.00

Name printed on any item of clothing                                 £3.00

More embroidered clothing available by request

Red Rose Land Rover Club Sewn On Badge                       £3.00

War Of The Roses 30th Anniversary Pint Glass                £4.00

RRLRC Key Ring                                                                     £1.00



Post Card Series Land Rover Picture                                    £3.00

Post Card Fred Dibnah Series Land Rover Pic                   £3.00