Joining Our Club

So what’s involved in becoming a member?

Q: Do I have to own a Land Rover or will any 4 x 4 be OK?

A: There is a clue to this in our club name, but strangely NO, you don’t need to own a Land Rover to become a member, however you have to swear on a stack of Land Rover Sales Brochures that your next vehicle will be a Land Rover, as the only make of vehicle which can enter our trial events are Solihull’s (or wherever they make them now!) finest.

Q: Can any Land Rover enter the trial events?

A: ‘Tyro’ and ‘Green Lane’ events are for any Land Rover model straight out of the showroom and there is little chance of damage. An ‘RTV’ event is for any road taxed Land Rover but there is a slightly higher chance of damage, especially to the underside so most competitors fit differential and steering guards and fit mud pattern tyres. In order to be competitive, RTV events are more suited to Series, Defenders and Discovery models although we do see the occasional Range Rover in skilled hands. Without a low-gear box, Freelanders find this level of competition a little outside their remit, although not impossible on the right tyres.

CCV’ event vehicles don’t have to be road legal but have to pass a special ALRC examination. They have to be fitted with roll cages and are often manufactured using parts from various Land Rover models to create an impressive off road vehicle. The courses set are pretty demanding and designed to show up the extremes of the vehicle’s and driver’s ability. For all events, vehicles have to be fitted with front and rear recovery points and carry a fire extinguisher and recovery rope.

Q: Can my wife and children become members?

A: Yes, by all means, we are essentially a family club. However in order to become involved in the trials there is a minimum age limit of 13 years to drive in Tyro’s and 14 to passenger/navigate in RTV’s and CCV’s..

Q: So how do I join?

A: We only offer an online membership option.  Which is processed by a membership portal called MemberMojo. 

Fill in the details, and follow the onscreen instructions below.  Or, use the following link to visit the MemberMojo site direct:

Once you have joined, your welcome information and membership card will be posted to you (so please ensure all details are correct).  This usually takes around 10 days.