Competition Regulations

All competing vehicles must be compliant with the ARLC Regulations at all of our events. 
I have a number of copies of the regulations and will be available at all of events. The
regulations are very clear of what is allowed on your vehicles and full details of what    
modifications you are allowed. If you have an questions about the regulations or you
require a Green ALRC Book please Andrew Akers.(Contact Details are in the Club Mag or use contact area at the foot of this page). 
As a club we also have ASR Regulation which you need to read along side the ALRC
Regulations.  If a vehicle turns up to compete and does not comply with the ALRC and ASR
Regulations you will not be allowed to Play. All CCT vehicles must have an up to date log
book and tag. The same rule applies if your CCT motor does not have Log Book & Tag then you will not be allowed to play.

Any  Questions please ask.


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