Try Your Rover Out – Trial

This is essentially a beginner’s trial, designed to suit novice or young drivers but also entrants with expensive or prized vehicles. It is strictly non-damaging, with approach and exit angles, side slopes and water levels severely restricted to avoid touching the under-body or any other part of the vehicle. The design of the course takes into consideration the age and experience of drivers with noticeably large run-off areas and a lack of nearby trees, rocks etc. The course is still tricky, with twists and turns and some of the driving can catch even the most experienced out, not used to close encounters with flags and canes. Drivers can take part from the age of 13 and many have never taken control of a moving vehicle, so very strict safety procedures are adopted. In order to compete, vehicles must be fully road-legal, taxed and insured with seat belts fitted, a fire extinguisher and tow rope. A competent adult must accompany any driver who does not possess a full UK driving licence. The non-licensed driver is allowed to drive the trial course but not any other part of the site. Emphasis is placed more toward the driving experience rather than being competitive, but it is not unusual to see an embarrassed father being beaten by his 15-year-old son or daughter!

Getting Started

Typical costs involved: Cost
Any road taxed and insured Land Rover vehicle (your current Freelander, Defender, Disco or Range Rover will do just fine) £1,000 – £70,000
Fire extinguisher 1.75 litre AFFF £45
Tow rope, 25mm, fibre or nylon with shackles or hooks to clip to towing eyes £35
Entrance fee per trial, per person £15
Visitor wishing to compete £20
  Strangely, this makes it, potentially, the most expensive class of trial to enter, but then if you must compete in that Autobiography, so be it.