Chairmans Words – September 2018

Chairmans Words – September 2018

Sep 18, 2018

Hello Red Rose Members,


The time has come, yes the AGM is on 2nd of October club night.


Obviously all positions on the committee are up for taking, but we are desperate for internal and external social, we did need a magazine editor but thankfully Mr Cornwell Snr has stepped in.


On the magazine we have struggled this year, but if we don’t have volunteers to help the tasks won’t get done.


As for club nights with no internal social, speakers are not getting invited, we rely on the same members to step up to serve the food and take payment, don’t get me wrong the committee are very great full, but we have 153 members that could help.


External social is being broken up in to events that non committee members are taking on (and doing a great job) could you help too ?


We are always on the lookout for trial land, the way Ince site is being developed I think we may lose it in the next few years or it will be too flat to be of any use to us.


As your out going Chairman (if I’m not voted back in) I would like to personally thank, club members, committee members, clerks, marshals, land owners, sponsors, and all the helps behind the scenes, we really couldn’t do it without you.


We are all busy people, we all have lives, but if we don’t muck in and help, there will be less events, less socials, and less trials, it’s your club ! What do you want from it in the next 12 months.


Kind regards,


Alastair Hayhurst.


Chairman RRLRC.

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